Degree programs in Pakistan have reached the point of saturation. Competition for job is fearsome. Now-a-days, getting degree isn’t enough. You need an actual skill to impress employers. Aircraft Maintenance engineering program is one such avenue that provides its students with the educational background and the technical capabilities to enter the promising and respected Aviation Industry. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers at CoA are prepping for future trends.

Milestones in Becoming an AME:

    • First Step: Basic Training
      The minimum eligibility criteria to apply for an AME program is Matriculation, however, F.Sc or equivalent education is preferred. Because students at this level are usually unfamiliar with the advanced rules of physics, aerodynamics, electronics, propulsion etc. giving them the conceptual base is important. EASA Part 66 Program requires its bearer to clear 15 modules in pre-specified curriculum and topics. CoA educates and train its students to clear these modules in 3 years. This includes the application of the concepts gained at on-site practical facilities at CoA and at actual work environment with CoA Partner Organizations.
    • Second Step: Certification
      On passing Modules and completing training, you complete the basic training & certification requirements of an AME.
    • Third Step: On Job Experience
      Like house Job is mandatory for doctors, AMEs also need to work under supervision of Licensed AMEs and learn before they are certified to sign Aircraft Fitness Memo. Here your log book is maintained and each and every maintenance task you perform on an aircraft is recorded. EASA license is awarded on successful completion of 3 to 5 years of on Job training, depending on the license category. CoA endeavors its best to provide OJT opportunities to all of its students based on its ongoing arrangements with different organizations. Whilst the OJT cannot be guaranteed due to its contractual nature, CoA has the honor to provide OJT placement to most of its students,
    • Last Step: License
      By now you have completed all the pre-requisites, you can apply and get your AME license that will open the door to many opportunities.
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