Frequently Asked Questions

An AME you say, who are they and what do they do?

AME is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer who has been tasked with the maintenance, upkeep and overall repair of an Aircraft. They are the Aircraft Doctors. But unlike doctors, the work AME does on an Aircraft ensure the safety of not one but hundreds of passengers.

As the risk is high, not just anybody, not even Engineers can work on an Aircraft. To be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer you need to study, train and then apply for an AME license. Once you have the license the world is your oyster.

What are the types of AMEL?
  • EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Part66 B1 B2
    The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is an agency of the 28 European countries in European Union (EU) with regulatory and executive tasks in the field of civilian aviation safety.
  • SARI (South Asian Regional Initiative) ANO 66 B1/B2 License
    SARI (South Asian Regional Initiative) is the regional authority mandated by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) for the Seven SAARC (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) Countries. SARI Licenses are termed as ANO 66 B1/B2 License.
Is becoming an AME difficult?

To become AME is not difficult if you have the passion and persistence. Otherwise, this is not your cup of tea. Roadmap to becoming an AME involves three important Milestones.

  • Clearing Modules (MCQ based with three Essay papers)
  • On-Job Experience (OJE)
  • Getting License
Can I apply for any Top-Up Degree Program After Completion of EASA Part 66?

If you have an EASA Part-66 certification, then there are many institutes who offer this one-year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering top-up course that allows you to gain a full BEng. (Hons) in one calendar year.

Building on your existing knowledge of the aircraft maintenance sector, the BEng. (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Top-Up) course combines a unique blend of academic and practical study.

How many years will it take to get license?

Completing the studies for AME licensing program takes 3 years. You get the best instructors to help you, to give you a strong conceptual base. After clearing AME modules, you train.

On-Job-experience is of 5 years, it’s like a house job, a paid internship to make you the master of your field. The more you train the better you get at troubleshooting an Aircraft. After 5 years of on-Job experience you apply for the license.

Can I be an AME?

If You are at least 17.5 years of age and have a Matriculation/A-level certificate with Math & Physics, then the answer is yes. FSC/O-level students or those with DAE are also welcome to apply.

Who issues AME license?

Every country has its own Aviation Authority referred to as NATIONAL CENTRAL AVIATION AUTHORITY (NCAA). These are the guys who regulate Pilots, AMEs, cabin crew and control room staff under set of accepted aviation industry standards.

In most part of the world these accepted standards for AMEs is EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). So, if you live in a EASA member state you will be issued a EASA license by your Aviation Authority.

How is the life at CoA?

CoA is built to provide superior learning experience to its students. Life at Campus is a reflection of our core values: Respect, learn and improve. We welcome our new batches; have sport facilities to cool of the extra heat; a fully active Student executive council to voice student issues effectively. Board ideas is a common practice around here. IST Centre of Aviation has zero tolerance policy against bullying.

How likely is it for me to get Job on Completion of AME program?

Great business gurus like Stephen R. Covey have already identified that we are leading into the knowledge worker age. We strongly believe based on facts that Aviation Industry is going to see a major boom.

The overall demand in Aircrafts has risen and almost 40,000 planes will be in air by 2034. CPEC in Pakistan is a game changer. It has already attracted Airlines line Qatar Airways which has started its flight operations to Gwadar. AMEs are the advance knowledge workers and with the EASA under your belt, it will make you eligible in 134-member states.

Is AME program PEC regularized and accredited by HEC?

No, no AME program offered anywhere in Pakistan is regularized by PEC.AME is a licensing program and a non-degree qualification. It is the requisite for gaining EASA license for the maintenance of Aircrafts which is applicable globally in 134 countries. Without clearing the respective modules (i.e. the study for license, CoA’s AME program), you cannot work on an Aircraft as an AME.

What is the difference between an AME and Licensed AME?

Aircraft maintenance study is based on two modes of learning.

1) Technical Knowledge gained by clearing modules which takes three years

2) On-Job training for 5 years under the Licensed carrying AME.

On completion of 5 years of Job Training you can apply for the License from the Aviation Authority of your country. For Most part of the World, this license issuing body is EASA.

Will My Job abroad be confirmed once I complete my AME program?

AME program doesn’t guarantees a job abroad. It although gives you the skill and knowledge that is high in demand across the world.

Can I apply for Airforce & Army on completion of this program?

In Pakistan, Defense forces have Aviation Branch were this study is highly relevant. Sometimes, they advertise for an AME for which you can apply. But induction is not on regular basis.

Will this AME program count in my academic Qualification?

When you do AME course, as it is a non-degree program your Academic Qualification will remain the same that is Matric/ O- Levels or FSC/A-Levels. Doing an AME program will prep you for the license and will give you a skill that is high in demand globally.

What will be my Career prospects on Completion COA offered AME program?

The EASA AME program offered by CoA is accepted globally. You can do your on-Job training anywhere with any Airline. After 5 years of training, on getting an active license your Job prospects will Multiply.

Can I Apply for AME program after completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanics?

Yes, a Mechanical degree holder can apply for AME program but it is not advisable because when you complete your Bachelor’s in Mechanics most of the topics you have already covered there will not earn you any bonus points or leniency in AME course, even if the subject matter is quite the same.

You will still have to take and pass all standardized 14 modules which more than often takes 3 years.

Does CoA offer any practical experience and if yes, will that count towards my 5 years of On Job Training?

For the better understanding of students, CoA has signed MOU with Peshawar flying club so that classroom concepts can be translated into practical experiences.

This practical training is for the better learning process of our CoA students and doesn’t count towards the completion of 5 years of On-Job training.

Are there any areas of specialization in an AME program like in other disciplines?

AME course is offered in two areas of Specialization B1 & B2.

B1 covers the aerodynamic aspects of an aircraft (airframes, engines and subassemblies) whereas B2 is related to the Avionics (navigation stem, radar, electric & electronic equipment etc.)


Who Can Apply?

A minimum requirement to the AMEL Course is O-Levels however applicants with F.Sc /A-Levels (Physics and Math) or Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE) are encouraged to apply.

What is the minimum age?

Minimum age of the applicant at the time of admission should not be less than 17 and half years.

Do I need to take any entrance exam to enter the AMEL program?

An entrance test is conducted by CoA to enter AMEL program with the passing percentage of 65%.

How to Apply?

What is the application procedure?

Fill an online form at You shall receive an email informing you with your test date, time and venue upon successful registration.

Attend Orientation Session

On your Entry test day you will be given a presentation on the course and its future prospects after which the Entrance test will be conducted

Appear for Entry Test and the Interview
  • The Entrance test will be MCQ based of Matric level from Math, Physics and English. The duration of the test is 1 Hour.
  • For the candidates who wish to get their result the same day can inform their invigilator.
How will I be notified about my entrance test result?

Test result is announced on after one days of the date of Entrance Test.

Hostel and Transport

Is the transport facility available?

Yes, Transport facility is available for pick and drop from various areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Details are available at the admission office

Are there hostel facilities available?

Yes, hostel facilities are available for students from other cities. Details are available at the admission office

Fees and Scholarship

What is the fee structure of CoA?

Fee for the AMEL Program is structured as following;

  • Admission Fee: PKR 95,000/-
    Admission Fee of Rs 95,000 is one-time fee and payable in Two (2) monthly installments. For deserving candidates and subject to prior approval, this can be further relaxed into Four (4) monthly installments.
  • Monthly Tuition Fee: PKR 18,000/- per month
    Tuition fee is of Rs 18,000 and is paid on a monthly basis.
  • Exam Registration Fee: PKR 20,000/- (One Time Fee)
    Exam registration fee is one-time payable fee which is valid for 10 years.
  • Exam Papers Fee: PKR 17,000/- per paper
    Exam paper fee is Rs 17,000 per paper. There are 13 Modules and 16 exam papers (13 MCQ based and 3 Essay papers) in AMEL B 1.1 Program (Aerospace license) and 12 Modules and 15 exam papers (12 MCQ based and 3 Essay papers) in AMEL B2 Program (avionics license).
Are there any scholarships/discount available?

Scholarship and discount offered by CoA are as mentioned below

  • Need Based Scholarships
    Need based scholarships are awarded on case to case basis. Promising students with good educational background but having financial problems are considered for need based scholarship. Students from underdeveloped areas of Pakistan such as FATA, Baluchistan and GB are given special consideration for award of scholarship.
  • SPD Discount
    CoA offers special discount of 25% on (Monthly Tuition Fee Only) for the children and real siblings of SPD permanent employees.
  • Sibling Discount?
    CoA offers special discount of 20% on (Monthly Tuition Fee Only) for 2nd sibling enrollment at CoA.
  • Key terms and Conditions for scholarship?
    Maintenance of need base scholarship require minimum of 90% or more in attendance and maintenance of certain marks/score in CoA exams as specified in Scholarship Policy.

Our Location and Address

Where is the CoA campus located?

Currently there is only one exclusive campus with details as below;

  • Islamabad campus
    Center of Aviation (CoA)
    Institute of Space Technology (IST)
    1, Islamabad Highway P.O. Box 2750
    IslamabadPhone: +92-51-9075514
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