Degree programs in Pakistan have reached the point of saturation. Competition for job is fearsome. Now-a-days, getting degree isn’t enough. You need an actual skill to impress employers. Aircraft Maintenance engineering program is one such avenue that provides its students with the educational background and the technical capabilities to enter the promising and respected Aviation Industry. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers at CoA are prepping for future trends.

Part 66 Category B program

EASA Part 66 Category B program permits, subject to the exact subcategory, the holder to issue Certifications of Release to Service following maintenance, including aircraft structure, power plants, mechanical, electrical and avionics systems.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Top Up Degree Program

Through a strategic collaboration with the University of South Wales, Dubai Campus, Center of Aviation offers BSc (Hons) Top Up Degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Degree to its students after completing the Three (03) Years EASA Part 66 Program.

The University of South Wales (USW) is a major player in UK Higher Education and has long been renowned for engineering teaching and innovation.

USW has been producing top engineers and industry-ready graduates for more than a century. The University of South Wales Dubai is the first international branch campus to be launched by USW.  Based in Dubai South’s business district alongside the Al Maktoum International Airport, the University’s new campus will provide a centre for excellence to develop engineering talent.

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AMEL Modules

The B1 license is a mechanical based license and permits the holder to issue certificates of release to
service following line maintenance, including aircraft structure, power plants and mechanical   systems of an aircraft.

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