Category B1.2 License: Permits the holder to issue Certifications of Release to Service following maintenance, including aircraft structure, power plants and mechanical and electrical systems, Authorization to work on Avionics systems requiring only simple test to prove their serviceability and not requiring troubleshooting.

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The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AMEL) certification is specialized licensing program for servicing and maintenance of Aircrafts in terms of 
maintenance, inspection, repair or their modifications.

Attending the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program (AME) at a Center of Aviation (CoA) accredited institution is recommended; High school 
students/University graduates are encouraged to enroll. 

This program is planned to develop the knowledge and skills in maintenance of both large and small size Aircrafts.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering licensing Course is a 3 years course divided into 9 sessions. Each session is of 3.5 months ending with 
European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 66 exams conducted by Air Services Training (AST) UK.

The course consists of Theoretical and Practical training. The 3 years training program at our state of the art facility 
prepares students to meet all challenges of the aviation engineering environment.

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